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Top MBA Colleges in Hyderabad: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024


In today’s ever-evolving educational realm, individuals have a myriad of avenues to achieve their academic and professional aspirations. Among these choices, opting for an MBA has traditionally stood out as a secure and esteemed path, renowned for its well-rounded curriculum and esteemed status. The widely recognised management degree programme offered by numerous universities lacks updates in its curriculum across many institutions nationwide. This creates a gap where students struggle to answer industry-relevant questions during job interviews. This often leaves students feeling disheartened, especially after making significant investments in their education.

Is there a better option?


PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) programmes have gained popularity, and are increasingly preferred by those seeking management education.


PGDM programmes have an industry-relevant curriculum that offers more current and practical insights and is tailored to cater to today’s dynamic job demands.
In fact, it has been observed that



approximately 30% of MBA students secure employment in comparison to 70% of PGDM students who are hired for the same job.

But are these jobs high-paying?

What are the job prospects after pursuing the industry-relevant PGDM programme?

In 2024, PGDM programmes prove highly rewarding for individuals with perseverance and a passion for learning. Graduates of the PGDM programme often hold leadership positions and possess extensive expertise in their fields. Their salaries typically reflect factors such as their job role, location, experience, and the type of organisation.

Some of the top-paying roles for PGDM graduates include –

Management Consulting Marketing Manager
Earnings fluctuate based on factors like experience and firm, but management consultants can expect between 20-30 lakhs per year. Marketing managers are among the highest-paid, with average salaries of around 12 lakhs annually, excluding performance bonuses.
Sales Manager Project Manager
Initial salaries for sales managers average around 8 lakhs per year, given their revenue-generating roles. Project managers earn around 20 lakhs annually, contingent on the city and employing company.
Business Analyst Business Development Manager
Business analysts typically earn between 5 to 11 lakhs initially, depending on their level of experience and expertise. These managers are well-compensated, with an average pay of approximately 15 lakhs annually, potentially higher in top companies.

To land such top-paying roles, one must get into one of the top MBA colleges in the country. While India boasts of numerous destinations with esteemed MBA colleges, choosing Hyderabad for pursuing PGDM is wise. Ranking second in IT exports, it’s a thriving tech hub with a vibrant community. With a cluster of software firms and a burgeoning startup scene, Hyderabad offers abundant networking and career prospects.

So, which are

The top MBA colleges in Hyderabad offering a PGDM programme?

Take a look at this list of top MBA colleges in Hyderabad that you can choose from –

  1. Vignana Jyothi Institute Of Management
  2. IIRM Hyderabad
  3. Badruka School of Management
  4. Siva Sivani Institute of Management
  5. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management
  6. Institute of Management Technology
  7. GITAM Hyderabad Business School


The PGDM programme by the Badruka School of Management

Will equip students with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the modern-day workplace.

The PGDM programme at Badruka School of Management delivers top-tier management education aligned with international benchmarks. Its curriculum blends innovative and core courses, crafting a robust foundation in management. This progressive approach cultivates essential skills and perspectives essential for success in today’s workplace.

Pillars of the PGDM programme

Core Management Courses

Core Management Courses

The foundational courses cover essential management skills, including Strategy, Finance, Marketing, HR Management, Operations, Quantitative Methods, and Economics, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of general management principles.

Focus on Data, Technology, and Entrepreneurship

Year two offers specialised tracks in Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Data Analytics & Digital Technologies, aligning with BSM’s forward-thinking ethos.

Essential Skills and Perspectives

Essential Skills and Perspectives

Short modules focus on holistic student development, covering leadership, AI applications, communication, and critical thinking, preparing students for the modern workplace.

Experiential Learning

Live corporate and social projects foster problem-solving and strategic thinking skills, complemented by techniques like flipped classrooms and case studies for real-world application.

Internship and International Immersion

Internship and International Immersion

Students can undertake international immersion experiences and a summer internship before the second year, earning credits towards the PGDM programme completion.

Seems like THE B-school to be at, right?
But are you eligible? What are the

Eligibility criteria for the PGDM programme at BSM

  • Class 10th and Class 12th scores and mark sheets
  • Undergraduate score and mark sheets
  • Any other certificate showcasing academic and extracurricular records and achievements
  • Certificates showcasing work experience, if any

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Which is the best college for an MBA in Hyderabad?

Badruka School of Management (BSM) is one of the top choices for pursuing a PGDM programme in Hyderabad.

Can I do an MBA from Hyderabad without an entrance exam?

Entrance exams are typically required for MBA programmes, including those in Hyderabad.

What entrance exams are accepted by top MBA colleges in Hyderabad?

Various entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, and GMAT are accepted by the top MBA colleges in Hyderabad.

Do any colleges in Hyderabad offer scholarships or financial aid for MBA programmes?

Many colleges, including Badruka School of Management, offer scholarships and financial aid for MBA programmes based on academic performance and other criteria.

Is work experience required for MBA programmes in Hyderabad?

Work experience is not always mandatory but can be beneficial for MBA programmes, depending on the institution and programme requirements.

What are the various specialisations offered by top MBA colleges in Hyderabad?

Top MBA colleges in Hyderabad offer specialisations like Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Operations, Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Data Analytics & Digital Technologies.

Why is pursuing an MBA considered a secure path traditionally?

An MBA is renowned for its well-rounded curriculum and esteemed status, making it a secure choice for many individuals seeking management education.

Why are PGDM programmes gaining popularity over traditional MBA programmes?

PGDM programmes offer a more industry-relevant curriculum tailored to today’s dynamic job demands, providing students with current and practical insights.

What percentage of MBA and PGDM students secure employment, respectively?

Approximately 30% of MBA students secure employment compared to 70% of PGDM students, indicating higher job prospects for PGDM graduates.

What are some top-paying roles for PGDM graduates?

Top-paying roles for PGDM graduates include Management Consulting, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Business Development Manager.

Why is Hyderabad considered an ideal destination for pursuing PGDM?

Hyderabad ranks second in IT exports, offering abundant networking opportunities and career prospects, especially in the tech industry, making it an attractive option for PGDM aspirants.