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Why pursue an MBA in Hyderabad? Unveiling the city’s advantages

“How about Hyderabad?”

This question often arises, given India’s array of cities. Firstly, Hyderabad, known as the City of Pearls, stands as the fourth-largest cosmopolitan city in India. Situated at the core of India’s burgeoning global economy, it boasts a rich history once under the opulent rule of the Nizams, now evolving into a global biotechnology, animation, and information technology hub. Moreover, Hyderabad is enticed by its diverse culinary scene, captivating architecture, and vibrant art, making it a sought-after destination for both local and international travellers.

What distinguishes Hyderabad is its remarkable growth trajectory and expanding international outlook. Situated at India’s geographic midpoint, it embodies a captivating blend of North and South Indian cultures. Notably, Mercer’s quality of living survey has recently recognised Hyderabad as the top Indian city, underscoring its appeal and quality of life.

Mercer's quality of living survey


In the realm of education and career advancement, the MBA has long been revered as a reliable pathway. Let’s take a look at

Why Pursue an MBA in Hyderabad?

Unveiling the advantages of the city, especially for a student.

  • Hyderabad offers an excellent living environment for students. The city boasts numerous B-schools and institutes, along with affordable hostels catering to both male and female students who come from far-off areas. What makes it even more convenient is that many institutes and hostels are clustered together in the same vicinity, minimising travel concerns for students.
  • Hyderabad ranks second in IT exports, making it a bustling hub for tech companies. With numerous IT firms establishing their presence here, the city has become vibrant. Many software companies are clustered together within a 15km radius, fostering a close-knit community among IT professionals. Additionally, Hyderabad is emerging as a hotspot for startups, offering ample networking opportunities and the potential for career growth within the city.
  • Hyderabad, situated just 500 km from the country’s geographical center, boasts excellent air and train connectivity to major cities nationwide. The city offers abundant quality infrastructure, allowing for expansion in all directions without constraints posed by coastlines or state boundaries.
  • Hyderabad surpasses many Indian metros in terms of safety and accommodation. Unlike several highly publicised cases of assaults on women in other cities, Hyderabad reports very few instances of such incidents, especially involving tech professionals or those returning home late at night. While localities may play a role, Hyderabad generally enjoys a reputation for safety, earning it the benefit of the doubt.

Although an MBA has a longstanding reputation and recognition it a reliable and safe choice for professional growth and opportunities, in recent years, the PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) has risen as a formidable alternative. While the MBA remains a timeless choice, the increasing prominence of PGDM reflects the evolving preferences of students and professionals seeking a contemporary approach to management education. Offering comparable academic rigour and career opportunities, PGDM programmes have surged in popularity due to their emphasis on practical skills and industry relevance.

With enrollment season in full swing, if you’ve set your sights on Hyderabad, it’s time to explore

The PGDM programme by the top B-school in Hyderabad

Badruka School of Management stands as a premier institution in Hyderabad, recognised by AICTE for its exceptional PGDM programmes. At our institute, students receive a world-class management education, tailored to global standards. Our curriculum seamlessly integrates modern practices with fundamental core courses, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of management principles. With a progressive outlook, our approach emphasises the cultivation of essential skills and perspectives necessary for success in today’s dynamic professional landscape.

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Highlights of the PGDM programme

Taught By Prominent Faculty

Dr Prabhu Aggarwal
Dr Jaideep Anand
Ankur Kulshrestha
Sheikha Alia

Key Management Courses

Our foundational curriculum equips students with essential management skills, covering Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Quantitative Methods, and Economics. These courses provide a solid understanding of general management principles.

Specialised Focus

In the second year, BSM offers specialised tracks in Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Data Analytics & Digital Technologies, aligning with our forward-thinking approach.

Development of Vital Skills

BSM’s focused modules nurture holistic student development, encompassing leadership, AI applications, communication, and critical thinking, ensuring readiness for the modern workplace.

Hands-On Learning

Our curriculum emphasises practical application through engagement in live corporate and social projects, fostering problem-solving and strategic thinking skills. Utilising experiential learning techniques like flipped classrooms and case studies, students are prepared for real-world challenges.

Internship and Global Exposure

Students have the opportunity for international immersion experiences and a summer internship, credited toward the PGDM programme, providing valuable practical exposure before the second year begins.

Are you eligible for this PGDM in Hyderabad?

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What sets Hyderabad apart as a top Indian city for quality of living?

Hyderabad’s unique blend of North and South Indian cultures, coupled with its vibrant economy, diverse culinary scene, and rich history, contribute to its appeal. Recent recognition by Mercer’s quality of living survey further underscores its status as a desirable city to reside in.

Why is Hyderabad an ideal destination for students?

Hyderabad offers a conducive environment for students with numerous institutes offering a variety of courses and affordable hostels catering to their accommodation needs. The clustering of institutes and hostels close minimises travel concerns for students, enhancing convenience.

What opportunities does Hyderabad offer for IT professionals?

Hyderabad ranks second in IT exports and hosts numerous tech companies within a 15km radius, fostering a vibrant community among IT professionals. Additionally, the city’s emergence as a startup hotspot provides ample networking opportunities and potential career growth within the city.

What are the transportation and safety aspects of living in Hyderabad?

Situated at India’s geographical midpoint, Hyderabad boasts excellent air and train connectivity to major cities nationwide. Moreover, the city enjoys a reputation for safety, with fewer reported instances of assaults compared to other metros, particularly among tech professionals returning home late at night.

What makes PGDM an attractive alternative to traditional MBA programmes?

While the MBA remains a respected choice, the increasing prominence of PGDM reflects evolving preferences among students and professionals. PGDM programmes offer comparable academic rigour and career opportunities but emphasise practical skills and industry relevance, aligning with the contemporary demands of the job market.